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Law and policy in Fiji Author links open overlay panel Erika J. Techera Show more https: The threats to it have been acknowledged by the global community, national governments and local people alike. This has triggered action including a rapid expansion of international heritage law in the last decade, which has both catalysed and complemented national and local initiatives. Fiji is a nation with a rich history and cultural heritage, now facing similar contemporary challenges to many other states. It is also a country that has sought to develop law and policy to protect a broad range of its heritage. This includes ratification of key international heritage treaties, as well as national and local initiatives. This article examines the laws, policies and programs in the Fiji Islands, which are focused upon heritage protection. Particular attention is given to indigenous Fijian intangible cultural heritage.

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Many travelers opt out of visiting Suva as most tourist destinations are close to or concentrated in Nadi. Although Suva may not be home to crystal clear waters and sandy beaches one might expect to see in postcards, there are still plenty of unique attractions that only the largest city in the South Pacific can offer. The Fiji Museum is the only museum in the country located in the very heart of Suva city and surrounded by the beautiful botanical Thurston Gardens.

The Museum houses cultural items of indigenous groups and other inhabitants and preserves archaeological artifacts dating back to 3, years. After the tour, enjoy a cup of coffee at Ginger Kitchen right outside the museum overlooking the flora and the lush green of the Thurston Gardens.

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Posted on May 5, by levuka How men and women were trapped, killed or sold. We had only arrived from the Solomons the night before, and had just handed over our live cargo of b blalckbirds slaves eighty souls all told, to our owners, a German firm, Messrs. We had received our respective dollars, and commission per head recruiting and were steering a direct course for the Royal Hotel for a feed of gin, as was the custom in those days, and is still.

We ran out of liquor on board — a most unusual thing in n those days and our thirst as very great. Phil used to tell me — sea he had a great long giraffe sort of thirst, and what a feed of gin he would have when he got to port; and he stuck to his word. I never knew Phil to lie in that respect. Gin was only eighteen shillings per case, and Phil laid himself out for a gross, which he intended to demolish before he put foot on board another vessel.

We duly arrived at the pub. Recruiters were always wel come; they generally spent their cheque in the shortest time possible, like the proverbial shearer. On our return from our last recruiting cruise he had given all the recruiters in town a picnic to the back of the island Ovalau, chartering a small cutter for the purpose. It was the usual kind of South Sea picnic; a case of gin and a tin of sardines per man were all that we had to eat or drink.

We were looking forward to another picnic, but after two or three nips Phil forgot about tbe picnic and had one on his own account for a fortnight. Phil and I were not sailors in the proper sense of the word, but we had knocked about a bit in yachts in the old country and a great deal in cutters in the South Seas, and knew ab out as much as the average seaman. Certificates were not, required in those days no Government, no Customs, did as you liked, a regular go-as-you please.

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Duke of Sussex The Duchess of Sussex’s visit to a marketplace in Fiji to meet female entrepreneurs has been cut short due to “crowd management issues”. The Duchess, who is expecting her first child in spring , spent around eight minutes in the humid market in Suva, where she walked on a special cleared pathway flanked by her staff and security. Hundreds of locals cheered and took photographs from behind the low barriers, as the Duchess walked through, smiling and waving.

Many more people formed a lively crowd outside, singing and whooping as they caught a glimpse of her arrival and departure.

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The Suva City council offers attachment placements for students in a dynamic local government environment. This Suva City Council website provides information for both visitors and citizens. We hope you find the site useful, informative and fun. A vibrant city with strong community values, recognised for its quality lifestyle, dynamic investment opportunities and as a desirable place to live, work and visit. The measure of our success will be the extent to which we respond to the challenges we can overcome.

The second action taken by the Council was to begin work on this Strategic Plan. This plan is about choosing our destiny, about choosing a destiny delivered by accident, or choosing a destiny delivered by vision and purpose. This is where the principles of good governance first came to our assistance, if the people of Suva sought reform, then they would wish to participate in the process of reform.

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Schools Moving to Fiji Expats moving to Fiji will find a Pacific paradise rich in culture, with pristine beaches and wonderful places to explore. Though it has a difficult political situation, living in Fiji can both be exciting and rewarding. Fiji is located in the South Pacific Ocean and is comprised of more than islands.

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Getting Married in Fiji Celebrate your wedding in Fiji For those who want to get married in a warm and tropical climate surrounded by the beauty and peace of a clear blue ocean, Fiji is the perfect location. So whether you want a June or a December wedding, you don’t have to worry about the weather becoming cold. Since Fiji is in the Southern Hemisphere, the seasons are reversed. Summer lasts from November through April, while the winter months are May through October.

It is warmer, but also rainier and more humid in the summer months. Many people consider the drier and cooler Fijian winter, to be the best time to visit the islands. However, this is also Fiji’s peak tourist season so the prices for airfare and accommodation peak as well, especially in June and July. Many people imagine a Fiji beach wedding as the ideal location to get married, but you can also choose a rainforest location or other spot.

Many hotels and resorts have wedding chapels on their grounds and cater to couples who want to marry in Fiji. And even if you’re already married, you can have a “renewal of vows” ceremony. Wedding packages usually include a photographer, flowers and a wedding coordinator. Requirements and information on obtaining a Fijian marriage license Weddings in Fiji are legally binding and recognized in most countries. Those coming from overseas locations who are planning to marry in Fiji are required by law to obtain and sign a marriage license at the nearest marriage registry before getting married.

Required documents for the wedding license:

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PAPUA New Guinea’s Pomat Topal has won the lawn bowls singles at the ANZ Pineapple Cup tournament in Suva, Fiji. However, he had to come from behind in the final at the Suva Bowling Club to beat Fiji’s Arun Meshar by five points ().

Stone money transport to Yap Island in Micronesia Micronesia began to be settled several millennia ago, although there are competing theories about the origin and arrival of the first settlers. There are numerous difficulties with conducting archaeological excavations in the islands, due to their size, settlement patterns and storm damage. As a result, much evidence is based on linguistic analysis. The ancestors of the Micronesians settled there over 4, years ago. A decentralized chieftain-based system eventually evolved into a more centralized economic and religious culture centered on Yap and Pohnpei.

They became known as the Chamorros , and spoke an Austronesian language called Chamorro. The ancient Chamorro left a number of megalithic ruins, including Latte stone. Micronesian colonists gradually settled the Marshall Islands during the 2nd millennium BC , with inter-island navigation made possible using traditional stick charts. Includes regions of Polynesia, Micronesia, Melanesia and Malaysia.

It is here that James Cook made first contact with an aboriginal tribe known as the Gweagal. His expedition became the first recorded Europeans to have encountered its eastern coastline of Australia. The Netherlands controlled the western half of New Guinea, Germany the north-eastern part, and Britain the south-eastern part.

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Moreover, the last measure in a word is given slightly more emphasis. Making an attempt to speak Fijian can go a long way to create good will with locals. Vinaka – “Please” or “thank you”, pronounced vee-nah-kah.

Located in the heart of Suva’s Thurston Gardens, the Fiji Museum holds a remarkable collection, which includes archaeological material dating back 3, years and cultural objects representing both Fiji’s indigenous inhabitants and the other communities that have settled in .

The catalysts for the unrest were three bills under consideration by the Fijian parliament , one of which would question the illegality of the Fiji coup of and offer pardons to some of the rebels who participated in it. This was then deferred to Monday 4 December. After weeks of preparations by the military, on 4 December, a well orchestrated military presence made itself known in Suva by setting up strategic road blocks, making public demonstrations of their presence and seizing weapons from opposing factions, including the police.

On 5 December, many key government ministers and chief executives were placed under house arrest and President Ratu Josefa Iloilo allegedly signed an order dissolving Parliament, though he later made a press statement denying having done so. Two Australian soldiers died in a Blackhawk helicopter crash after Australia moved three warships to waters near Fiji in case evacuation of foreign nationals became necessary. The proponents of the coup were an armed faction not closely associated with the military, who opposed their actions.

After Bainimarama declared martial law and resolved the crisis by force, an interim government was sworn in, headed by current prime minister Laisenia Qarase. The Prime Minister was democratically elected in elections in and , and has since begun to take actions that have provoked the displeasure of the military.

Three contentious bills have recently come before parliament:

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